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Hello I'm Josh Minger.  I am here today to read My Career Report that I wrote and, to talk about what I want to do for a living.  At the end of this report, I wrote where I got the information. 
When I get older, I would like to be a demolitionist.   I would like to be a demolitionist because it would be cool to destroy old buildings.  In this report I will be telling you educational requirements, the school I want to attend, average salary every year, and what I do on an average day being a demolitionist.

Well, its alot harder to be a demolitionist than you think it is.  You have to go to school for four or more years.  That is not fun.  The choice I made of what school I want to go to is Texas A&M University.  The reason I made that choice is because I want to live in Texas and that is where I want to work.   I have to travel to different places, some times even in to a different state.  My average salary a year is about $ 31,046 because I live in Texas. If I were to live in some other state, my salary would be different.

My house is in Rockport, Texas.   I  live on the water.  It is a two story house. I have a cement path that goes along the water. When I get enough money, I'm going to buy a dock to put out in the water.  I'm not sure what body of  water it is on.  It is near Galveston, Texas.   It costs $ 172,500.  My transportation is a Ford F-150 2000.  It costs  $ 15,000-$ 30,000.

  Now to tell you what I do on an average day.  Well, I use bulldozers, cranes, and dynamite to destroy old beat up buildings.  Why do I use these tools to destroy buildings?  Those are about the only ones that will destroy a thirteen story building. 

Just because I wrote a report on a demolitionist, doesn't mean that I want to be one.  It sounded good.  Well, anyway, I'm splitting the housing expenses with a friend.  If he doesn't pay a little he'll be finding another house. He's getting his own car.  He said he was getting a Hog (a motorcycle).

  I obtained the average salary information from the internet.  I got my truck at and my house at   

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