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A Place Where Students Come to Learn!


Why a Web Site?

  This web page has grown out of a need which had arisen in my own classroom. I found that I was quite often referring my students to various Internet sites. After writing them on the board about one thousand times, I finally realized that I needed a place to collect these links where my students wouldn't have any trouble finding them. That is when Mr. W's Cyber-Classroom was born. As with all good web sites, I hope that, with my student's help, I can continue to add to my Cyber-Classroom.



Where is Mr. W's Real-World Classroom?

  It is my privilege to teach Mathematics to sixth grade students at Legg Middle School in Coldwater, Michigan.  I have included a MAP which may give you a better idea of where I am.

  Math is the universal language. Therefore, our children must gain a working understanding of mathematics and how they are used in our world. Magnificent Math is intended to aid my students in arriving at that goal.

  On this page you will find many helpful links, some of which are directly intended to aid students in sixth grade math, and others that are just fun.

  Why do things work? That's the question on most curious young sixth graders minds. After several years of teaching physical science, I felt my students.

  Super-Science is an on-going work which I hope to see grow as my students discover new and interesting, science oriented, places to visit. If you happen to know of such a place, please send me an E-mail at



Give Me Ideas!

Please E-mail me with link suggestions. Anything neat that has to do with Education.