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  Science is the study of how and why things in our world work the way they do. As part of Legg Middle School's science curriculum, our students are encourage to investigate the world for themselves. They are taught to ask their own questions, theorize on the answers and test their own hypothesis.

  This page is here to help them to accomplish their goals. On this page I have attempted to collect links and information which will allow students to find their own solutions. Hopefully other visitors will be able to take advantage as well.

  If you happen to know of an interesting site which is science oriented please let me know about it. I can be reached at


Today in the World of Science




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Reference Materials

Inventors and Inventions
by Stephen Hinkle

Webster's Dictionary On-line

The original web-based encyclpedia.


The Evansville On-line Museum Is a collection of interesting exhibits which you can view at home. The museum also includes instructions for several activities you can do at home.



  This is a marvelous site to just take your time and browse. The site includes many Science and Social Studies oriented, interactive activities. One example is a Virtual Solar System, in which you can investigate 3-D models of each planet.


At this site you will find a world of science related resources. An on-line version of the popular magazine Scientific American, this site includes current articles, virtual exhibits, and an entire page devoted to answer your science related questions.



Give Me Ideas!

Please E-mail me with link suggestions. Anything neat that has to do with Science.