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  At the age of twenty-seven, I discovered that I loved Mathematics. The study and application of math skills and techniques seems to supply us with endless challenges.

  On this page you will find links for


both kids and adults. Every link is math oriented, to allow students to enjoy using their math skills. It includes links to games, brainteasers, homework, help sites and much more. I hope that you find it useful.

Each year, Mr. Wendorf's advanced sixth grade math class spends approximately three weeks investigating their future.  They identify careers , which may interest them and create reports that include vital information about those fields.

Upon completing their reports students create a first years budget based on their chosen field's average first year salary.  This year, upon the arrival of upgraded classroom technology class members have decided to take this project a step farther and publish their findings on the internet.

They hope that you enjoy and find this site useful.  The first page that you will come to, will be a brief description of the project.  From there, you will be able to access page that contain information on everything from architects to zooligists.



A great place to start a MATH web surf session. Includes daily math brainteasers and a great list of math links. Be sure to check it out.




Word Problems
for Kids

This site contains word problems for everyone from grade 5-12. Each problem includes hints and an aswer key.






This is a great web based math game which allows students to learn finance skills, while creating their own financial plan. A truely GREAT site!


Give Me Ideas!

Please E-mail me with link suggestions. Anything neat that has to do with Math.